Flames Come From Hawaiian Airlines Plane Landing In Seattle

There were no passengers aboard the aircraft on a short flight from nearby Everett.

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SEATTLE (AP) — A Hawaiian Airlines plane landing at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport had flames coming from one of its engines.

The aircraft was landing at about 9 p.m. Tuesday and air traffic control noticed a fire in the left engine, airport spokesman Perry Cooper said.

Cooper said the pilots were notified and the fire was extinguished as the landing occurred.

The flight was a ferry with just crew and no passengers. It was being moved from Paine Field in Everett, Washington, to the Sea-Tac airport.

Hawaiian Airlines is the dominant carrier in inter-island travel.

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Jason Grisham was waiting for his flight when he heard a noise that sounded like tires popping. “Then all of a sudden the fire ignited and started shooting out,” he said in a Twitter message.Video that Grisham posted to Twitter showed the flames flaring from the plane as it rolled across the tarmac.When the Port of Seattle Fire Department arrived the fire was already out, Cooper said.

The aircraft was towed to a hanger for an investigation.

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