Pod Squad: Defending Women’s Rights As Trump Takes Over

Hawaii leaders explain why they and others are taking part in post-inauguration marches in Washington and elsewhere.

By April Estrellon /

Why are women’s marches planned Saturday in the nation’s capital and hundreds of other venues around the world — including Honolulu — on the day after Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president of the United States?

Among other things, women are “angry” about being in a position of having to defend hard-won rights on many fronts when they should be looking to expand those rights, says one of four Hawaii leaders who spoke to host Chad Blair in the latest installment of the Pod Squad.

From left, Catherine Betts co-chair of the Hawaii Women’s Coalition, Khara Jabola of AF3IRM, Marti Townsend of the Sierra Club, Civil Beat’s Chad Blair and state Rep. Della Au Belatti.

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