Hawaii Storytellers: Am I Going To Cross The Atlantic On This Homemade Raft?

Civil Beat reporter Jessica Terrell’s dad really dreamed big. But, as she explains in this podcast, sometimes, it’s up to the child, not the parent, to draw the line.

By The Civil Beat Staff /

Jessica Terrell lived a fantastic childhood, one that, in a novel, might seem far-fetched. She grew up traveling through Mexico with a circus, playing in a family band, was intermittently homeless, led by a father who believed passionately in finding big challenges — including building, out of scavenged scraps, a 50-foot raft on which he wanted the family to cross the Atlantic with a menagerie of animals.

Which left a young child with a very important decision to make, as she explains in this podcast from the Hawaii Storytellers’ event, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Stories About Making Big Decisions And Living With The Consequences.”

Jessica Terrell


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