Pod Squad: ACLU Says It’s on ‘Solid’ Legal Footing in Fighting Sweeps

A lawyer representing the homeless says the city violates the Constitution by immediately confiscating and in most cases destroying possessions.
By April Estrellon /

When a federal judge refused to grant a temporary restraining order last week to stop Honolulu’s homeless sweeps, it was only the first battle in a legal war that the American Civil Liberties Union is confident it will win.

Daniel Gluck, legal director of the ACLU of Hawaii, talks about its class-action lawsuit against the city with Pod Squad host Chad Blair and Civil Beat reporter Rui Keneya.

Gluck says a city maintenance crew that spends every weekday removing the possessions of homeless people is violating tenets of the U.S. Constitution that guarantee due process and prohibit unreasonable seizure of property.

The city contends it is properly enforcing its stored property and sidewalk nuisance ordinances.

Representing 15 plaintiffs, the ACLU is scheduled to be back in court Dec. 14 for a hearing on its request for a preliminary injunction to halt the sweeps while the suit moves through the court.

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Chad Blair, Dan Gluck and Rui Kaneya.

Marina Riker/Civil Beat

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