Pod Squad Takes on Hawaii’s Cost of Living

In this first weekly podcast, host Chad Blair and other Civil Beat reporters discuss the high cost of living in Hawaii.
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Welcome to the Pod Squad, Civil Beat’s new weekly podcast.

Host Chad Blair talks with our reporters and local officials about the biggest stories of the week and what they mean for the people of Hawaii.

The reporters will share insights, nuggets from their notebooks and analyses to draw back the curtain on issues they cover. We’ll also be reaching out to members of the community to get their take on what’s happening.

The podcasts will be shorter than a sitcom, but long enough to keep you informed about what’s going on in the state.

Pod Squad host Chad Blair, center, talks about issues with reporters Nick Grube and Alia Wong.

Gene Park/Civil Beat

For our inaugural Pod Squad, Chad spoke with Civil Beat reporters Nick Grube and Alia Wong about their recent stories for our ongoing  “Living Hawaii” series.

Wong explored why child care costs nearly 1.5 times more than tuition at UH and how and why families make huge sacrifices to put their kids in private schools.

Grube noted the chief expense of car ownership in the islands is not shipping those heavy cars to the islands, as many people believe, but maintenance.

This is just the first gathering of the Pod Squad. Come back next week. There will be more.

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The Pod Squad
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Want to hear more? Check out Civil Beat's other podcasts.

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The Pod Squad

Host Chad Blair dives into the biggest stories of the week and what they mean for the people of Hawaii.

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